Linux OVCam Drivers

Latest Versions:

Experimental: 2.32
Stable: 1.65
ov51x: 1.65-1.12 (Special driver for OV519 and OV530 cameras)
In 2.6.x kernel: 1.64 (plus ovcamchip 2.27)
In 2.4.x kernel: 1.63
In 2.2.x kernel: 1.28 + critical fixes

Recent News:

6 Apr 2006:
Released ov511 version 2.32. This version is fixed to compile under 2.6.16. Also, a bug was fixed in the implementation of the VIDIOCGWIN ioctl. 32-bit apps on 64-bit systems should work now too.

28 Mar 2006:
Released ov511 version 2.31. This version includes some important ovfx2 fixes, and an initial ovfx2 V4L2 implementation. V4L2 works with Xawtv, but may not be stable yet. Load ovfx2 with "v4l2=1" module param to enable it.

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