Sample Images:

File Driver Version Camera Comments
convergence.jpeg 1.07 D-Link DSB-C300 Demonstrates the red/blue misalignment problem. Look at the top and bottom of the black bar for what looks like chromatic aberration.
moire.jpeg 1.07 D-Link DSB-C300 A moiré pattern. I wonder if this could be used to calculate the red/blue misalignment?
outdoors.jpeg 1.07 D-Link DSB-C300 A sample "before" image for the color changes in 1.08.
outdoors_osl.jpeg 1.08 D-Link DSB-C300 The "after" image for 1.08 of the above. Notice that the image is brighter, more accurately colored, and sharper.
pre2_osl.jpeg 1.07 D-Link DSB-C300 Another sample image of before the 1.08 color changes. Note the ugly yellow tinge.
post2_osl.jpeg 1.08 D-Link DSB-C300 The "after" image of the above. The yellowness is mostly gone, and there is a bit less noise.
6620.png 1.29 D-Link DSB-C100 This sensor finally works. The color is still not perfect, but the overall quality is almost as good as the other sensors (especially under low light conditions, such as this)
6620_corruption.png 1.29 D-Link DSB-C100 This shows the corruption that the 6620 and 7620 sensors suffer from at this time. The contents of the previous frame appear within a few lines of the current frame.
saa7111a-1.png 1.40 LifeView CapView The SAA7111a decoder produces very stable and accurate 320x240 video captures.
third_good_ov519_pic.jpg ov51x 1.65-1.10-mark Sony EyeToy One of my first EyeToy images. To the left you can see its predecessor, an OV518 camera (Philips PCVC720K/00).

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