6 Apr 2006 Released ov511 version 2.32. This version is fixed to compile under 2.6.16. Also, a bug was fixed in the implementation of the VIDIOCGWIN ioctl. 32-bit apps on 64-bit systems should work now too.
28 Mar 2006 Released ov511 version 2.31. This version includes some important ovfx2 fixes, and an initial ovfx2 V4L2 implementation. V4L2 works with Xawtv, but may not be stable yet. Load ovfx2 with "v4l2=1" module param to enable it.
23 Oct 2005 Released ov511 version 2.30. This version adds support for the upcoming 2.6.14 kernel, and includes some small bugfixes too.

12 Oct 2005
Released ov511 version 2.29. This version includes compatibility fixes for kernels up to 2.6.13.
29 Sep 2005
It's been too long since the last update. Sorry about that. I've released a new ov51x (1.12) with support for OV530 cameras and the latest 2.6 kernels. Development will be more active from now on. I'll be releasing an update to the ov511 drivers soon as well.
21 Aug
It ended up taking more than "a day", but I've released ov51x-1.11, which supports the 2.6 kernel (along with 2.4, and probably 2.2 as well but I didn't test it). In other news, I will be away from my email until Aug 30. I'm very sorry for any problems that may cause.
17 Jul
Released version 2.28. Includes a few small changes needed to make the drivers compile under recent kernels, support for Trust 380, Aplux MU2-35, and OmniVision OV7620-ECX, and some cleanups. A new ov51x will be released in a day or so.
26 Mar 2004
First public release (1.10) of ov51x driver, for OV519 cameras (EyeToy). Doesn't support 2.6 kernels, but next version will.

30 Nov 2003 Released version 2.27. The driver works under 2.6.0-test kernels now (2.5 is no longer supported, but 2.4 still is). Also, some trivial bugs are fixed.
30 Oct 2003
After a long pause in development, I have released version 2.26. This is mostly some small cleanups and bug fixes. The biggest change is that the OV7x20 contrast control is fixed. Previously, the contrast setting could get corrupted after a while, causing the picture to be excessively dark. More driver releases, including full 2.6 kernel support, are coming soon.
13 May 2003 Released version 2.25. Lots of updates to the build system, including full 2.5 kernel support. Also, TAKE NOTE that the ovsensor module was renamed to ovcamchip. Be sure to fix up your system config for that change!
13 May 2003
Released version 2.24. This version adds compile support for RedHat 9 and recent 2.5 kernels. Thanks to Paul Giordano for his help with that. Lots of cleanups too, in preparation for sending it to Linus.
15 Apr 2003 I will be out of town until Friday, 4/18.
24 Mar 2003 Released version 2.23. The biggest change is TV tuner support. The ovfx2 driver is more stable now too. Lots of random fixes and cleanups as well.
9 Mar 2003 Released version 1.65. This ports changes from 2.13 - 2.16+ to the 1.x driver series. The biggest change is support for OV518 color. Lots of other small improvements too.
24 Feb 2003 Released version 2.22. This version adds support for the OV518/OV6620 camera and OV7120 sensor (not tested since I have neither of these). Some small fixes and improvements as well.
7 Feb 2003 Released version 2.21. This version separates the ov511 and ovfx2 code from the image sensor code, which lives completely in ovsensor.o now. You must load this module either before or after the ov511 or ovfx2 modules (unless you have an OV511-based TV capture box, in which case you load saa7111-new.o). Autoloading will be added after I get some bugs worked out.
22 Jan 2003 Released version 2.20. Many potential crashes when unplugging the camera while it's in use are fixed. OV7620/OV7120 greyscale mode is fixed too.
7 Jan 2003 Released version 2.19. The build and install system is much improved, and a bug in 2.18 that caused some applications to fail (such as Gnomemeeting) is fixed.
1 Jan 2003
Released version 1.64. This is a backport of 2.11 and 2.12, along with some bugfixes and cleanups from later versions. I decided that backporting eight versions in one release wasn't a good idea, so features like OV518 color support will be delayed for a little while longer.
20 Dec 2002 Released version 2.18. This is a first attempt at OV518+ support. It's usable but doesn't look very good yet. Some miscellaneous stability fixes and cleanups are in here too.
15 Dec 2002
Sorry about the server outage. The local telecom monopoly OK'd the removal of 640 feet of "unused" buried cable, which cut me off from the world until they realized their mistake. Consequently I've got a bigger email backlog than usual, but I'll try to reply to everyone by tomorrow.
25 Nov 2002
Released version 2.17. Lots of small bug fixes, and a big update to the ovfx2 driver.
30 Oct 2002 Released version 2.16. OV518 color is finally working! Lots of other small fixes too, including support for the maximum possible OV518 frame rate (30 FPS @ 352x288, given sufficient illumination). The ovfx2 driver is almost functional now too.
19 Oct 2002 Released version 2.15. This includes some small cleanups, and the addition of a new driver for the Orange Micro iBot2 (not functional yet).
7 Oct 2002
Released version 2.14. This is another big cleanup of the sensor code. It should function the same as 2.13. Also, OV7620AE support has been reenabled, and the "Unresolved symbols" problem from 2.13 has been fixed.
1 Oct 2002
Released version 2.13. The decompression code is now built into ov511.o by default. This makes the code simpler and should make the user experience better. You can still disable the OV511 and/or OV518 decompressors in the Makefile if you need to.
27 Sep 2002
Released version 2.12. This is just more cleanup of the sensor code, with some small bug fixes as well. If the image quality is different than with 2.11, please let me know.
15 Sep 2002 Released version 2.11. This is mostly just a cleanup patch. Support for kernels older than 2.4.19 has been dropped in order to simplify the code.
15 Sep 2002 Released version 1.63. This is a backport of version 2.10 (experimental ov518 color support, etc...)
19 Aug 2002
Released version 2.10. This adds experimental OV518 color support. It doesn't work most of the time so it is disabled by default (see the FAQ for more details). The frame rate for OV6630 cameras is much higher now too, even in greyscale mode.
3 Aug 2002
Released version 1.62, which ports applicable driver changes from 2.02 through 2.09 (plus some things from 2.10) back to the 1.xx series. Lots of bug fixes, including one that should fix all non-working OV518 cameras.
28 Jul 2002
Released version 2.09. This includes the third part of the rewrite of the I²C interface, written mostly by Kyösti Mälkki. Some minor bugfixes and cleanups are included too. Up next: OV518 color support!
19 Jul 2002
Released versions 2.07 and 2.08. These include the first two parts of a rewrite of the I²C interface, written mostly by Kyösti Mälkki. This is necessary for inclusion of the driver in the 2.5 kernel. One immediate benefit is that you don't need to load the i2c-algo module anymore.
15 Jul 2002
Released version 2.06. This partially cleans up the interaction between the sensor drivers and ov511.c, to make implementation of standard kernel I²C easier. If you don't know what that means, then you won't care about this release. :-) Users of TV-capture devices should test it though.
14 Jul 2002
Released version 2.05. The kernel I²C interface has been rewritten. It is much less complex and hacked together than before. Some serious problems with TV capture (SAA7111A) devices have been fixed too. Also, OV518 cameras that weren't working before should work now.
10 Jul 2002
Released version 2.04. Compile is fixed on 2.4.18, some minor bugs are fixed, and the code is simplified some more.
8 Jul 2002
Released version 2.03. This is mostly a clean-up release. Also, the code has been reworked for easier transition to Video4Linux 2 and for the eventual separation of the driver into independent OV511 and OV518 drivers. This was supposed to include some new features (OV7620AE support, YUV422P, OV518 color) but they proved to be buggy and will be delayed until 2.05+.
14 Jun 2002
Released version 2.02. This is mostly a bug fix release. OV511/OV511+ compression at 176x144 is now supported (useful with video conference apps). Expect a 2.03 and a 1.62 release within a few days.
18 May 2002
Released version 1.61. This ports applicable 2.00 and 2.01 driver changes back to the 1.xx series. It also cleans up the code and removes the I²C code (which will be reimplemented correctly in the 2.xx drivers).
25 Apr

Released version 2.01. This release removes lots of old code, including palette conversion (your app must support YUV420P color or at least 8-bit grey now), and SAA7111A video decoder support, which is now in a separate module (included). Lots of small bug fixes as well.
12 Apr

Released version 2.00. This is an experimental branch based on the 1.60 driver. Most new features will end up in a 2.xx driver first, and then be ported back to the 1.xx branch if appropriate. This release splits some of the sensor code into separate files, but should not behave differently than 1.60.
10 Apr

Released version 1.60. OV518+ is finally working (poorly, and only at 352x288,but it's a start). Cameras with OV6620 sensors should work MUCH better now. Some minor build problems are fixed as well.
27 Mar 2002
Released version 1.58. More OV518 improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.
12 Mar 2002
Released version 1.58. OV518 improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.
2 Mar 2002
Released version 1.57. Greatly improved OV518 support (although no color still).
28 Feb 2002
Released version 1.56. Includes a number of small fixes/cleanups.
21 Feb 2002
Released version 1.55. It should fix some reported memory errors and crashes/freezes, and should compile under 2.5.5 now.
20 Feb 2002
Released version 1.54. Adds an ov518_decomp module, and attempts to fix OV518+ support.
14 Feb 2002
Released version 1.53. Fixes some bugs and prepares for: ov518_decomp, new V4L1 interface, SMP fixes.
12 Feb 2002
The first public release of the ov518 decompression test software is available on the download page. An ov518_decomp module will be ready soon.
7 Feb 2002
Released version 1.52. Fixes a dangerous bug from 1.51. Anyone using 1.51 should upgrade immediately!
2 Feb 2002
Released version 1.51. No important changes, just some cleanups and preparation for SMP bug fixes in 1.52. It should behave just like 1.50.
26 Jan 2002
Released version 1.50. Fixes an oops (usually happens on shutdown) and some other bugs. All users version 1.36 or later should upgrade to this.
25 Jan 2002
Released version 1.49. Mostly code cleanups, with a few small bug fixes.
11 Dec 2001
Released version 1.48. This release includes mostly code cleanups (so my kernel patch will be accepted, this time). A bug preventing compilation on non-x86 archs is fixed, along with a few other small bugs.
6 Dec 2001
Released version 1.47. It fixes a deadlock for apps that use read(). The rest of the changes are trivial. This version has been submitted for inclusion in 2.4.18.
28 Nov 2001
Released version 1.46. This is primarily a bugfix release. If no more major bugs are found, this version will be released as a kernel patch in about a week.
9 Nov 2001
Released version 1.45. Changes include a number of fixes for SMP crashes and deadlocks. There will be one more release (to fix sleep_on() race condition) before I merge everything back into the 2.4 kernel.
2 Nov 2001
Released version 1.44 today. Mainly just a bugfix release. The patch to bring the 2.4 kernels up to the latest driver version will be delayed until I have fixed three known crash bugs.
8 Oct 2001
Released version 1.43 today. Works better with Xawtv (no more -noscale necessary) and with Gnomemeeting. The OV518 outputs good data now, although there is still no way to decompress it.
3 Oct 2001
Kernel 2.4.9/2.4.10 have a bug in usb-uchi that can crash the kernel when used with ov511. Please use the uhci ("Alternate UHCI") driver instead, or use a different kernel.
9 Sep 2001
There may soon be a new law that could jeopardize Free software, including Linux and OV511. Read about it here .
7 Sep 2001
Released version 1.42 today. Many small bug fixes, and the OV6620 works correctly again.
12 Aug 2001
I am still working on the OV518. It seems to use a proprietary JPEG format for its compression. If anyone has experience with JPEG or Huffman encodings and wants to help, please contact me.
1 Aug 2001
The note yesterday about OV518 working was a false alarm. However, I am getting closer to making it work. Sorry to falsely get everyone's hopes up. :(
21 July 2001
Released version 1.41 today. Compression works now!
6 June 2001 Here is a patch against 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 that fixes OHCI. Thanks to and Roman Weissgaerber and David Brownell for this fix.
28 May 2001 Kernel 2.4.5 broke all versions of ov511. Get a patch for the latest in-kernel version (1.28), or a replacement for ov511.c for the 1.40 version.
22 May 2001 Released version 1.40 today. Adds support for the SAA7111A video decoder, and fixes many bugs and performance problems.
20 May 2001 OHCI support for ov511 (and other webcams) in kernel 2.4.4 is broken. You must downgrade to 2.4.3 for it to work. I will post a patch here as soon as it is fixed.
5 May 2001 Released version 1.39 today. Fixes image corruption with moving objects and supports most widths/heights that are a multiple of 8.
23 Apr 2001 Released version 1.38 today. Includes some important security fixes and bug fixes, and introduces decompression module support.
10 Apr 2001 Released version 1.37 today. Everyone should upgrade to this version, because it fixes some possible kernel crashes.
9 Apr 2001 Released version 1.36 today. Improves OV7620 image quality and fixes many bugs/deficiencies.
29 Mar 2001 OmniVision has offered to provide me with assistance with OV518 development, so if things work out well, it will have full support in the next few weeks.
27 Mar 2001 Released version 1.35. Supports lighting frequency compensation for people with 50 Hz power (lightfreq=50 module param).
24 Mar 2001 Released revision 2 of the 1.34 backport, which fixes a bug that was causing ov511 to claim other devices. 2.4.x kernels are unaffected.
2 Mar 2001 Released driver version 1.34 today. /proc interface is improved, and compression works better (but still isn't reliable).
23 Feb 2001 My mail-relay provider has been losing messages sent to Please don't use this address any more (use ), and resend any messages that you have not got a reply to yet. Sorry about this.
21 Feb 2001 Driver 1.33 released. 176x144 is partially working, image is now centered, and experimental decompression support is added.
19 Feb 2001 Small updates to supported cameras page
18 Feb 2001: Compression is almost working. I can decode the output of the decompressor perfectly, but the input format that it expects is still not known.
17 Feb 2001: I noticed that some resolutions are not centered properly (352x288, 160x120, and others), and fixed this with improved window setup code.
16 Feb 2001: I discovered that the bug where certain cameras return all zero image data is probably caused by an out-of-range sensor window setting. This bug affects all OV518/OV518+ cameras, some OV511/OV7610 ones, and previously affected OV511+/OV7620AE ones until I fixed it in 1.32. I have not found a specific fix for the others though.
12 Feb 2001: Added OV518+ reference schematic and OV518 datasheet to documentation page.
11 Feb 2001: I have integrated the decompression code that OmniVision gave to me. I can only get colorful garbage from it so far, but I probably jsut need to change a register setting somewhere to make it work.
10 Feb 2001: Added ohphone test results to applications page
7 Feb 2001: Released driver version 1.32. Fixes cameras that have an OV511+ and OV7620AE
3 Feb 2001: F.A.Q. updated.