This is set of drivers for the OmniVision OV5xx series of chips. These are USB-only video capture chips used in many "webcam" devices, and some TV-capture devices. Any camera using the OV511/OV511+/OV518 and the OV6620/OV6630/OV7610/OV7620/OV7620AE image sensor should work. OV518+ cameras have limited support too (should be fully supported soon). TV-capture devices with the SAA7111A decoder are supported as well. It supports streaming and capture of color or monochrome video via the Video4Linux API. Most V4L apps are compatible with it, and it supports most image widths and heights that are multiples of 8.

If you are a kernel hacker and you have an OV511-based camera, you might want to download the latest release and see if you can improve upon it. If you do make any useful changes to it, please send me a patch (diff -u) so that I can integrate your change into the next release.