Stage 3: 6Bone-connected PC

Host Configuration:

Create a Tunnel:
Name: Example address: What it is:
"Your IPv6 address" 3ffe:b00:c18:1fff:0:0:0:263 The address of your side of the tunnel
"Freenet6 IPv6 address" 3ffe:b00:c18:1fff:0:0:0:262 The address of their side of the tunnel
"Freenet6 IPv4 address" The IPv4 address of their tunnel server

Configure Tunnel Connection:

Variable: How to determine it: Example using addresses from above:
PREFIX First four numbers of your IPv6 address 3ffe:b00:c18:1fff
SUFFIX Last number of your IPv6 address 263
REMOTE Last number of the Freenet6 IPv6 address 262
TUNNEL "Freenet6 IPv4 address"